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_browsers.php)Two-dimensional electrophoresis analysis of renal cortical proteins during metabolic acidosis. Renal function is often impaired in patients with metabolic acidosis, but the mechanisms are not understood. Therefore, we performed a systematic 2-D gel analysis of proteins in renal cortex proteins during metabolic acidosis. Kidneys from control rats and rats with metabolic acidosis were perfused with a modified Krebs-Henseleit buffer, and the perfusates were analyzed by 2-D gel electrophoresis. Proteins were detected by silver staining and proteins with altered expression were identified by MALDI-TOF MS/MS. A total of 144 spots of low abundance (lower than 0.5 +/- 0.2 mOD) were detected on each of the 2-D gels. Of these, 40 spots were changed in expression, compared to control rats, and 23 proteins were identified. Among them, there were 15 proteins that had not been reported to be altered by metabolic acidosis. The most commonly altered proteins were ones for which there were differences in the charge state and/or mass of the protein compared with that in the control. The results suggest that there are differences in the expression of certain proteins in the kidney in metabolic acidosis.// Copyright 2009 the Sputnik authors. All rights reserved. /** * String.prototype.lastIndexOf (startIndex) * * @path ch15/15.5/15.5.4/ * @description startIndex is a number */ var __str = "last index of startIndex is 4294967296"; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //CHECK#1 if (__str.lastIndexOf(4294967296)!== 4294967296) { $ERROR('#1: __str = "last index of startIndex is 4294967296"; lastIndexOf(4294967296) === 4294967296. Actual: '+__str.lastIndexOf(4294967296)); } // Q: Test automation for editing a PDF using a PDF editor We are a software development company, and we are involved in the testing of desktop applications using Test automation. To achieve this, we currently use Sel



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Wondersharemobiletransemailandregistrationcode landreyg

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